Commercial Sector

Strategy & Governance

Strategy and governance are integral to the success of today’s secure organization.  System 1, Inc. provides its clients with services to develop practical security strategy. We offer business requirement analysis, cyber program and policy design, and process and technology deployment. We believe in collaboration with leadership to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce operating risk. By establishing culture change and adoption at the enterprise level, System 1, Inc. empowers clients to identify, manage, measure, and report on security compliance.

  • Strategy development
  • Business requirements analysis and risk integrations
  • Risk envelope development 
  • Cyber program and policy design
  • Cyber process and procedure plans
  • Leadership collaboration and education
  • Risk tolerance and management
  • Culture change and adoption
  • Security architecture

Program Implementation

Implementing a robust cybersecurity program is paramount to achieving an organization’s secure operation. System 1, Inc. utilizes a number of technology and process tools to design and establish a sound operation program for its clients.  It is highly probable that an organization will suffer some sort of breach that will require a skilled response to protect operation. Executing proper incident management is the ultimate test of readiness, and System 1. Inc. establishes an architecture that will rapidly respond to threats and reestablish a secure architecture. The philosophy of protection and a strong security posture needs to be enforced at the program level.  System 1, Inc. takes a “top down” approach to program implementation that analyzes and organization’s strategy, people, processes, and technology to engineer integrated, cost-effective information technology security measures.  

  • Incident response and DR exercises
  • Technology analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Process and procedure documentation
  • Awareness and training
  • Communication
  • Performance management and security metrics

Assessment & Compliance

Today’s organizations rely on continued assessment and compliance with legal and regulatory directives. System 1, Inc. has extensive experience in performing common criteria information technology security evaluations in the U.S. and International commercial sectors.  We provide clients with concentrated threat and vulnerability assessments to supplement their cybersecurity and compliance initiatives.  We prepare cybersecurity leaders for long-term success by providing sound strategies.  Our proven roadmaps and experience with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) help clients quickly prepare and remediate their CIP program using cost-effective practices that will also meet, and exceed, the high standards required by many regulatory agencies.

  • Cyber and physical threat assessment 
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Compliance long-term strategy
  • CIP prep
  • CIP remediation; Post-audit support