Strategy & Governance

Due to the critical services that government systems support in terms of both national and economic security, sound strategy and governance of cybersecurity within the organizations are fundamental to both the individual organizations and the state or nation they serve and protect. System 1, Inc. aids senior leadership in understanding and integrating cyber risk strategy within their larger business risk structure. We guide clients in institutionalizing cybersecurity governance, and lead in creating innovative strategies to address clients’ cybersecurity and assurance needs.

  • Strategy development
  • Business risk integrations  
  • Cyber program and policy design
  • Cyber plans, processes, procedures
  • Leadership collaboration and education
  • Risk tolerance and management
  • Culture change and adoption
  • Architecture

Program Implementation

Implementing a robust cybersecurity program is paramount to achieving an agency’s security and mission goals. The philosophy of protection and a strong security posture needs to be enforced at the program level.  System 1, Inc. takes a “top down” approach to program implementation that analyzes an organization’s structure. We help clients approach the complex and shifting forces that shape the cyber and broader security assurance environment. We identify critical leverage points and develop solutions for reduced risk, smarter compliance, better performance, and optimized investments. System 1, Inc. personnel are management and technical experts who focus on advancement and change through the prism of people, processes, and technology; providing integrated solutions tailored to each client’s unique risk tolerance and the evolving cybersecurity risk environment.

  • Incident response and DR exercises
  • Technology analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Process/procedure documentation
  • Awareness and training
  • Communication
  • Continuous Monitoring plan and processes
  • Security metrics

Assessment & Compliance

Today’s dynamic threats and regulatory environment necessitates a continuous assessment and compliance approach to cybersecurity. System 1, Inc. has extensive experience in performing assessments, reviews, and evaluations utilizing numerous industry standards, maturity models, and guidance. We provide clients with customized threat and vulnerability assessments to supplement their cybersecurity and compliance initiatives. We give clients a detailed understanding of the cybersecurity risk to their networks and mission. We translate that risk based on the client’s specific compliance or standards based needs, including, but not limited to NERC CIP, ISO,  and COBIT. Based on our customized assessments, our proven roadmaps and remediation planning helps clients quickly implement cost-effective practices that dramatically increase overall security, as well as meet and exceed the high standards required of many government and civilian agencies.

  • Cyber and physical threat assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Compliance long-term strategy
  • Roadmaps & Remediation Planning; post-assessment support